RMA - Return policy

Are you a direct Customer of us and want to submit a return request for defective material or material that does not comply with the agreed conditions or received samples? If you are sure that you have respected the technical data and that you have not electronically and/or mechanically damaged the product and you are within the time limits of our warranty conditions (36 months), please follow these few, simple steps:

1. Submit your return request by filling out the form you find at the bottom of this page. Non-compliances upon delivery shall be reported within 2 weeks from the date of the receipt of the goods.

2. Wait for the return authorisation email from TCI, which will contain a unique RMA code to be reported on your shipping note and on the outer packaging of the return.

3Upon receipt of the return authorisation, send the material by your courier at your expense to the attention of the Quality Department, accompanied by a return note showing the unique RMA code you received. The material shall be delivered to TCI properly packaged both externally and internally: the products shall be grouped by code and packaged in such a way to prevent them from being subject to shocks that could possibly compromise their warranty. TCI will not take charge of material that will be delivered without a proper packaging, without the correct documentation and/or without the relevant RMA code clearly shown both on the goods return note and on the external packaging, which certifies the return authorisation.

The goods must in no case be delivered with an invoice but only with a return note with no commercial value.

4. Once the return has been received, TCI will carry out its analysis and issue an official report that will be sent via email to the address from which TCI received the return request.

We kindly remind you that TCI warranty covers only potential manufacturing defects.The warranty does not cover any defects and/or damages caused by an incorrect use or a use that is not compliant with the technical, use and storage information made available by TCI (product label, catalogue, datasheet and any potential additional information provided) with international installation criteria and it is totally void if the products are opened or mechanically tampered with or used in the presence of liquids that do not comply with the IP rating of the product. The warranty does not cover any damage related to transport, for which it will be necessary to claim against the carrier. TCI recommends not to accept the goods in the presence of damaged external packaging or to accept them under reserve.

The products that will be found out of warranty and unrepairable, damaged electronically and/or mechanically, that were used in a way that does not comply with the technical data or their IP rating, will remain at your disposal for 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the report is sent, awaiting your instructions regarding their elimination or possible return on the occasion of the first useful shipment. After this period, receiving nothing from you, they will be automatically eliminated.

For any potential products that will be found out of warranty but repairable, TCI is available to carry out the repair at a cost equal to 40% of the product value. The offer will be submitted to you together with the sending of the official report. After a period of 30 (thirty) days from the sending of the official report, receiving nothing from you regarding the repair or return without repair, the pieces will be automatically eliminated. For repaired products TCI will provide a warranty of 2 (two) years from the date of repair.

For the products that will be found correctly functioning, we will charge you with the 10% of their value to cover the analysis costs.

The repaired, correctly functioning and/or out of warranty and unrepairable products for which you may have requested the return, will be sent to you with the first possible shipment.

5. In the event of manufacturing defects emerged from the analysis of the return, you can agree with your sales referent to issue a credit note to cover the defective material or to send new material to replace it.

TCI does not make free preventive replacements and no charges will be accepted for expenses not previously accepted in writing by TCI.

Do you have any questions concerning our Return Policy? Please send an email to rma@tci.it

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