TCI guarantees its products for 36 months from the manufacture date stated on the product label. TCI warranty covers only potential manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover any defects and/or damages caused by an incorrect use or a use that is not compliant with the technical, use and storage information made available by TCI (product label, catalogue, datasheet and any potential additional information provided). The warranty also does not cover any defects and/or damages deriving from installations which are not compliant with international installation criteria and it is totally void if the products are opened or mechanically tampered with or used in the presence of liquids that do not comply with the IP rating of the product. The warranty does not cover any damage related to transport, for which it will be necessary to claim against the carrier. TCI recommends not to accept the goods in the presence of damaged external packaging or to accept them under reserve.
TCI provides its customers with an extended warranty up to 7-10 years:


The above condition is valid for max. 13h/day operation, according to all technical information and lifetime stated in the product datasheet and it is inclusive of the 36-month legal guarantee.


The above condition is valid for max. 19h/day operation, according to all technical information and lifetime stated in the product datasheet and it is inclusive of the 36-month legal guarantee.

Legislative warranty claims are not affected by the above terms and are to be considered independently valid.

Moreover, under the conditions detailed in TCI catalogue, all our products do comply with the article 153 of the Treaty establishing the European Community as far as it concerns the DECENNIAL LIABILITY OF THE PRODUCER.

List of the National Laws implementing the Council Directive 85/374/CEE concerning the Producer’s Liability:

AustriaBundesgesetz, mit dem das Produkthaftungsgesetz BGBl. 99/1988 geandert wird.
Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Osterreich, Nr. 95/1993
BelgioLaw 25.02.1991
BulgariaLaw 09.12.2005
Narodne Novine; Number: 41/08; Publication date: 2008-04-09
CiproΟ περί Ελαττωματικών Προϊόντων (Αστική Ευθύνη) Νόμος του 1999 (Τροποποιητικός)
Repubblica CecaLaw 89/2012
DanimarcaLaw nr. 371 of 07/06/1989
EstoniaVõlaõigusseadus, published RT I 2004, 37, 255
FinlandiaUotevastuulaki (694/90) 17/08/1990, muutokset (99/93) 08/01/1993 ja (879/93) 22/10/1993
FranciaLoi n° 98-389 de 19/5/1998
GermaniaProdukthaftungsgesetz vom 15/12/1989
GreciaLaw nr. 2000/1991 of 24/12/1991
Ungheria2002. évi XXXVI. törvénya Magyar Köztársaság Polgári Törvénykönyvéről szóló 1959. évi IV. törvény, valamint egyes törvények fogyasztóvédelemmel összefüggő jogharmonizációs célú módosításáról
IrlandaDirective 85/374/CEE in force
ItaliaDecreto legislativo 6/9/2005, n° 206 Codice del consumo
LettoniaGrozījumi likumā “Par atbildību par preces un pakalpojuma trūkumiem” 2004
LituaniaLietuvos Respublikos civilinio kodekso patvirtinimo, įsigaliojimo ir įgyvendinimo įstatymas Nr. VIII – 1864
LussemburgoDirective 85/374/CEE in force
MaltaDirective 85/374/CEE in force
Paesi BassiWet van 13/09/1990 tot aanpassing van het Burgerlijk Wetboek, Staatsblad nummer 487 van 1990
PoloniaUstawa z 23 kwietnia 1964 Kodeks Cywilny
PortogalloDecreto-Ley n. 383/89 de 06/11/1989. Transpõe para a ordem jurídica interna a Directiva n. 85/374/CEE, em matéria de responsabilidade decorrente de produtos defeituosos
RomaniaLege privind combaterea practicilor incorecte ale comercianţilor în relaţia cu consumatorii şi armonizarea reglementărilor cu legislaţia europeană privind protecţia consumatorilor
SlovacchiaDirective 85/374/CEE in force
SloveniaDirective 85/374/CEE in force
SpagnaREAL DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 1/2007 de 16 novembre 2007
SveziaProduktansvarslag, Svensk författningssamling SFS) 1992:18
SvizzeraLegge federale sulla responsabilità per danno da prodotti (LRDP) del 18 giugno 1993
Regno UnitoThe Consumer Protection Act 1987

Notice: in compliance with the regulations in force, TCI retains the right to make technical an/or dimensional changes to improve the product performance and features without any prior notice. All dimensions are in mm, unless otherwise stated.